Best Sit-on-Top Kayaks Reviews: Stable and Durable!

Sit-on-top kayaks are highly popular among professionals and amateurs of kayaking thanks to their extra stability. Best kayak brands come up with great models that vary with size, construction, possible amount of passengers, capacity and equipment.

We want to help anyone, who is in a search for a perfect sit-on-top kayak to sort out all the information concerning these kayaks, difference between models and their benefits. Check out our Buyer’s Guide for detailed instruction on how to choose the best kayak.

Our Top Picks For Best Sit-on-Top Kayaks 2018

Lifetime Lotus – Best Sit-On-Top Kayak For Beginners!

Photo of Lifetime Lotus Sit-On-Top Kayak with Paddle Sit-on-top is a separate type of kayaks, when you, basically, sit on kayak. These are highly popular on the market due to its stability and more compact size.

Lifetime Lotus is a best choice as a starter kayak for anyone, who wants to see, what’s the fuss about.

This kayak has very simple, almost plain design, but still meets all safety requirements. We would call it a basic kayak for recreational needs.

Taking into account that Lotus lacks storage space or stuff like rod and paddle holders, we don’t think it’s suitable for fishing.

Despite the simple design, kayak has a couple of cards in its sleeves, e.g. the multiple footrest positions, which allows a person with any leg length feel comfortable and stable in the kayak.

The bangeed storage space in the back of the kayak is not huge, but more than enough for your personal stuff.

You also get the adjustable back supporting seat, though it doesn’t have a soft cushion, and you will simply sit on the bare plastic.

Lifetime Lotus is small, lightweight and maneuverable, but it can be too small for people with big frame.

This is a very affordable and simple kayak for those, who want to try themselves in kayaking without spending tons of cash.


  • Sturdy and durable
  • Affordable
  • Easy to handle
  • Paddle included


  • Not so comfortable seat
  • Too plain for experienced kayakers

Brooklyn Kayak Company UH-TK181 – Best Kayak For Fishing!

To find the best fishing kayak among all the diversity on the market can be a pretty challenging task. Good thing, we are here to help. BKC UH-TK181 is our absolute favorite among fishing kayaks due to its amazing design and all that comfort it provides during fishing process.

This is pretty big tandem sit-on-top kayak, fully equipped to get to the fishing.

The size of this kayak may make it a bit less maneuverable, but adds great stability, which makes it strong enough even for the ocean fishing. It can build up good speed while tracking or stay stable in place almost not moving. No need to think about small waves or wind blows – they will have no power over you while you’re sitting on top of this kayak.

The kayak has several footrest positions in front of each passenger seat.

The kayak is certainly manageable by single person, but it can be a heavy one, as it was designed for 2 passengers.

One of the main thing we love this kayak for is that can completely free you hands if you need it. 7 Rod holders and paddle holders are always a positive addition to any fishing kayak. And separate waterproof storages near each passenger seat can help you to empty pockets and held all your personal belonging safe and dry.

Another thing to mention, is the amazing 450 lbs capacity which leaves enough space for cargo to take with you.


  • Designed specifically for fishing
  • Stable and strong enough even for ocean
  • Equipped
  • Waterproof compartments


  • The paddles included in set are not the best

Riot Kayaks Escape Angler – Best For The Ocean!

If your plans include kayaking in the ocean, you need to think ahead and choose your kayak wisely, as the ocean adds challenges. Waves, sudden wind blows, underwater flows – you need a strong kayak to withstand any force you might meet.

Escape Angler by Riot Kayaks is a long 12-feet sit-on-top kayak that is known for its stability.

Photo of Escape Angler Sit-On-Top Flat Water Ocean with Paddle Designed for recreational activities, this kayak performs amazingly while tracking and conquering the sea waves. Its width and solid construction almost nullifies the risks to flip in the kayak.

For a 1 Person kayak, it has an impressive capacity and can carry a big amount of additional cargo. Good thing is that you’ll have an actual space to put it in – kayak has a big bangeed storage in the back and the small one on the nose. It even has the cup and bottle holders right in front of the passenger seat!

We also like this kayak due to its versatility. Even though it was created for recreational activities, it comes in the set with rod holders and paddle hooks, in case you would want to use it for fishing.

This is a long-time investment, as the kayak is durable and made from the safe and high-quality materials. If you want to spare some money, you could also try to find this sea kayak for sale, as it is pretty pricy.

Of course, the length and size in general, affects the kayaks’ maneuverability. It can be a bit challenging to manage the Escape Angler in narrow streams.

If you are into the ocean kayaking and love to feel the freedom it grants, then this might be the perfect option for you.

You can check the prices and more details here.


  • Extra stability
  • Great additional equipment
  • Comes with paddles
  • Big storage


  • We would recommend adding safety straps to the seat

Perception Kayak Pescador Pro – Best Sit-on-Top Kayak!

We will never get tired from talking about this one. Considered to be one of the best sit-on-top kayaks out there. Perception Pescador Pro pulls out a whole bunch of positive features which make it stand out.

The design here is just on point with everything, including the storage space, space for the passenger and the legroom, is balanced out.
We still find though, that it would be nice to get a pair of equally good paddles along with the kayak.

You can get maximum out of the Pescador Pro on the flatwater. It is fast and stable, great for both fishing and recreational activities.

The kayak has just the right amount of storage space to fit all the stuff you need and not overweight the kayak.

It already has rod holders by default, but the YakAttack Gear Track system allows you to add almost any amount of needed rod holders or additional fishing equipment.

One of the best things about this kayak is the seat: comfortable, removable, 2-position seat is designed for comfortable long-time usage. Amazing back support and cushion will protect you from tiring and sore back.

Very manageable, it is easy to handle on the water and on land. A great investment in your hobby!

For more details on the product, click here.


  • Perfectly balanced
  • Pro-quality seat
  • Big storage
  • Durable


  • No paddles included

Old Town Predator PDL Pedal Fishing Kayak – Best For Hands-free Fishing!

The Pedal kayak is a separate type of sit-on-top kayaks, that allows to add a pedal drive to the construction. It makes the kayak much faster and frees your hands while kayaking.

Photo of Old Town Predator PDL Pedal Fishing Kayak

This kayak is made specifically for fishing purposes and it can, surely, make any professional or amateur fishermen to go crazy in love. It can gain the triple speed in comparison to the common paddle kayaks and keep its amazing stability on a go.

Let’s start with the seat, which is hovering over the kayak and can have 2 sitting positions, depending on the activity you are into. You can lower the seat to achieve more stability while you are pedaling or make it go up, for fishing time. Moreover, you can quickly and effortlessly set it aside to free space for standing fishing process. Thought-through provided stand-up assist strap will give you additional protection from falling.

The kayak is big, long and very stable. And you get a lot of storage room to be filled with gears, rod and other stuff you might need.

As in many other high-quality fishing kayaks, you get several rod holders, situated near the passenger chair.

It’s even equipped with the paddle holders. Not that you will need it, but everything is well thought for comfortable fishing process.

Again, we must say, that the Old Town Predator Pedal Kayak is extremely stable and durable. It even looks more like a solid boat than a kayak.

As for the pedal drive, it can gain speed up to 5.5 mph and starts moving at the second you press the pedals.

Please, keep in mind, that this kayak is pretty heavy and very expensive.

You can check out the price here.


  • Perfectly balanced
  • Very fast
  • Extra comfortable 2-position seat system
  • Durable


  • Expensive
  • Heavy

Ocean Kayak 12-Feet Malibu Two – Best Tandem Sit-On-Top Recreational Kayak!

Tandem sit on top kayak can bring you many joyful moments together. You can spend some quality time with your friends or family paddling and challenging yourself together.

Kayak with a great sturdiness, it can be managed by 2 or 1 person and is stable enough to be used in the ocean as well.
Please, keep in mind, that if, for some reason, you will get to use this tandem kayak on your own, its weight might cause you troubles.

The Ocean Kayak company have created this model for family recreational activities, as it allows you to bring your child with you.

Kayak is equipped with 2 comfort seats with several foot wells, so you can choose the most comfortable leg position.

It is wide and long (12 feet), which results in good stability – the most important factor for your safety.

We must say that, though you can use it for the fishing process, it is not equipped well enough for that. The kayak doesn’t provide enough storage space for all the necessary equipment and isn’t packed with rod holders or other fishing gear.

This is simple yet elegant and completely safe kayak to use on a weekend with your family.

You can search for more details here.


  • High safety
  • Great capacity
  • Designed for the whole family
  • Comfortable seats


  • No paddles included
  • No storage compartments

Buyer’s Guide: How To Choose The Sit-On-Top Kayak?

Choosing a sit-on-top kayak can be pretty challenging as there are so many options on the market nowadays.

As we all know, the main features that define good kayak are stability and durability. These are the first things you need to be sure about while picking the kayak. When you close in the search circle up to kayaks that meet these two main requirements, you can focus on other significant features.

Size and Capacity.

Obviously, the bigger the kayak, the bigger capacity it provides. But before purchasing the kayak, you need to think on exact features you wish it to have. Larger kayaks are often great at tracking and can carry more than 1 person plus cargo/additional equipment. Whereas shorter kayaks gain more maneuverability and speed on short distances, and easier to handle as well.

Number of paddlers.

Commonly, you can choose from tandem and 1-person kayak. Rarely you can find kayaks for 3 passengers or family oriented kayak models, that have additional space for the kid.

Think on what will be more suitable for you. And don’t forget, that tandem kayak can be handled by one person also.


Big percentage of kayak models are made for a certain kind of activity. If you know what purpose are you buying the kayak for, whether it will be fishing, recreational activities or other, we would recommend you to search for more specific designed models. As we all understand, any kind of water activity has its own demands and needs, so kayaks can have minor yet significant differences in construction.

If you are not sure, what are you going to do with your future kayak, but feel the urge to buy one and just break free into the wild – you should look for something more versatile, maybe shorter in length and suitable for various kinds of activities.

Additional equipment.

Professionals and experienced paddlers might need something more from their kayaks. Specific kind of fishing equipment or a pedal drive, for instance. You can find such models in our list.


Sit-on-top kayak will be a great start for a new hobby related to water and nature.

Consider all features you want to see in your kayak and ways you are going to use it beforehand, so you can find the truly best kayak to meet your demands.