Best Kayak Paddle Holder in 2018: Secure Your Paddle!

Kayak paddle holder is a very useful accessory, that can be attached to your kayak and give you opportunity to free your hands at any moment.

If you ever wondered, what does the kayak paddle holder looks like, how to choose it and what it the best way to use it, this is an article for you.

TOP 5 Best Kayak Paddle Holders of 2018!

Cascade Creek YAKCLIP – Best Kayak Paddle Holder For Quick Installation!

Photo of YAKCLIPS Patented Clip-On Removable Kayak Paddle Holder There are thousands of various kayak models on the market. Some of them come with the paddle holders by default while others don’t offer such useful accessory. But you always can purchase it separately and add some comfort to your kayak activity.

Cascade Creek is a kayak paddle holder that doesn’t require any holes drilling and can be adjusted within few seconds.

Thus, if you are tend to go fishing or just on a kayak trip and you think on how to get the opportunity to free your hands, all you have to do is to grab couple of these paddle holders with you and adjust them before sitting in the kayak.

The perfect place to install the Cascade Creek, will probably, be the cockpit.

Of course, with such “hook” type of the kayak paddle holder, you won’t be able to adjust it to many kayak models, e.g., large inflatable kayaks or thick sit-on-top kayaks. These must be wrapped around the edge with a pretty small width.

But if you have basic shell kayak, fishing kayak, sit-in kayak – this might be the great option for you.

The pack has one Cascade Creek paddle holder, which will able to hold the paddle safely. In case, if you have long paddles, think about purchasing additional holder to secure it in place.


  • Assemble in few seconds
  • No additional preparations
  • Portable


  • Needs an edge to be adjusted
  • If the edge is too thin, can slip

YYST Kayak Paddle Clip – Best Holder For Any Kayak Paddle Size!


The previous option required the edge to attach the holder and, in that way, had limited amount of kayak models to be used with, while the YYST kayak paddle clip needs solely the pad eye to be attached to.

This increases hugely the amount of kayaks you can improve with this helpful device.

The construction is very simple - there is a clip or a plastic carabiner on one side and thick touch and close fastener on the other.

To adjust the clip, all you need to do is to snap it on the pad eye on your kayak and wrap the fastener around your paddle. You can attach the clip to any other suitable surface, e.g. bungee rope etc.

The package has 4 clips and the manufacturer claims, that you need at least 2 to secure the paddle.

You, most certainly, can use these for other security purposes, as the velcro allows you to hold paddle of any size.

Of course, you must have something attached to your kayak with the right diameter to adjust the clip, but we are sure, that almost any kayak nowadays at least has a bungee cord.

You can find more information on the product here.


  • Easy to adjust
  • Suitable for any paddle size
  • Versatile


  • Probably won’t handle rough weather or storm

YYST – Best Kayak Paddle Keeper For Fishing Kayaks!

Photo of YYST kayak Paddle Keeper Clip kayak paddle holders are convenient in the sense of installment, but they can be flimsy or slide sometimes, during the paddling process. Which won’t happen to kayak paddle keepers that you need to attach to the kayak with rivets.

YYST have designed bungee paddle keepers, that can be installed with the help of long rivets that come in the set as well.
You won’t get any screws, rivet gun in the set, nor instructions. So be sure to figure out what instruments will you need and what steps will you take before adjusting the paddle keeper.

From our experience, you will need 3/16 rivets from the package and a rivet gun. Some customers prefer to fill the holes with the silicone before putting the rivet in, but we think this can cause problems, as it can cause well nuts to slip out.

The bungee part is made from thick and strong bungee cord and already fully installed to be used. All what’s left is to secure the cord with the rivets.

You will get 2 bungee paddle keepers in the set. One is completely enough to secure the paddle.

The bungee cord is pretty long and can be stretched along the side or in the back part of the kayak, depending on its construction.

The best thing here, that if you stretch the cord properly, there will be no difference, what size or width your paddle has, they will all fit the keeper perfectly.

You can find additional information concerning price here.


  • Long and strong bungee cord
  • No sliding
  • Fits for any paddle length or width


  • Plastic parts can brake
  • No instructions

YakAttack Kayak RotoGrip Paddle Holder GRP-1001 – Best Paddle Holder For Long Time Usage!

We see this one as the most convenient one in terms of fast securing the paddle. Just small push and your paddle is fitted in the place between two soft rollers.

The set contains one soft roller made from the stabilized nylon.
Please, notice that the gear track is not included and you will have to buy it separately.

The best option to install the RotoGrip with is YakAttacks’ MightyMount or GearTrack. But, at the same time, you can make it work with almost any kayak track system.

One RotoGrip will be certainly enough to hold the paddle as it has rather wide grips. These grips (rollers) look a bit like gears with their tooth construction. And they secure the paddle almost soundless and with no effort at all, which is quite important at fishing.

The only thing you must know before buying the RotoGrip, is that it will perfectly only with the round shafts.

Also, if you have a paddle with a very small shaft diameter, you might need 2 RotoGrips to secure the paddle completely.

If you are interested in purchasing this item, feel free to visit the Amazon page.


  • Solid construction
  • Comfortable, fast and quiet securing the paddle
  • Durable materials for long term usage
  • Versatile


  • Requires tracking system on kayak
  • Won’t work with oval shafts

Paddle Leash with a 2 Rod Leash Set by CampingAndKayaking – Best For Fishing or Recreational Kayak Activities!

Photo of Camping and kayaking Paddle Leash Paddle leash is a device that keeps you from losing your paddle. But, instead of securing the paddle at the moment, when you need to free your hands, the leash can be attached to the paddle all the time. So, if you happen to lose the paddle or drop it from the kayak, it won’t drown or float away secured by the leash.

The package contains 3 leashes: one for paddle and two others for rods or other lightweight fishing gears. You can also create a super long leash by connecting all three together.

Paddle leash can be very useful in situations like turtling, when you flip in the kayak and the paddle flies away or, e.g., if you need to drop the paddle immediately for some reason without being afraid to lost it forever.

This leash has great fixed elongation which won’t over stretch or lose elasticity. Thanks to woven texture and sewn bartrack the leash gains great durability and will serve you for a long time.

One of the best things about the Campingandkayaking leashes is that they are made from nature-friendly materials which protects the environment while keeping your gear safe.

You also get the carabiner in the pack.

The leash has just the right tension in it, which stretches and tracks back easily without jerking.

If you perform high angle paddling or have extra long paddle or you are a tall person, one leash can be too short for you for comfortable paddling.

Probably, the best solution will be to attach the leash with the help of the carabiner to your safety seat strap, so it will always be within hand reach.

If you want to know more about this product, click here.


  • Protects you from losing the paddle in extreme situations
  • Durable
  • 3 leashes can loop together in one long leash
  • Retracks neatly


  • Doesn’t free your hands, only provides backup protection

Buyer’s Guide: How To Choose The Kayak Paddle Holder?

We all understand the benefits of having a paddle holder on the kayak. For such activities like fishing or touring, when you need to free your hands from time to time, the paddle holder appears to be a great helper. It will safely secure your paddle and give you time and space on whatever you need for.

And, of course, we now can find dozens of such useful gadgets on the market in various forms. So, what do you need to know before purchasing the kayak paddle holder?

Firstly, let’s look on the types of paddle holders you can find:

  • Paddle Clips – here we refer all the paddle holders or keepers that doesn’t require any drilling or other specific manipulation for the gadget installment. Such clip devices already come with specifically designed clip or grip, which can be attached to the edge of the board or on the pad eye of your kayak and it is ready to work. Such holders are very convenient in terms of installment but can have limitations concerning width of the paddle or the place of installment.
  • Paddle Holders that require installment – this is a wide category of kayak paddle holders, that differ from previous one by the adjustment process. Usually, such holders require drilling the kayak to secure the holder with screws or rivets. Sometimes you can use track system already installed on the kayak, if yours have one. Yes, you will have to pull socks up and manage to install these holders, but we think, they appear to be more sturdy, especially in rough weather or ocean waves.
  • Paddle leashes – this is a separate category of kayak paddle holders, which secures your paddle from being lost if dropped. It won’t help you to free your hands but it will secure the paddle and help you to bring it back to the kayak safely.

Another important question is: what features must the great-quality kayak paddle holder resemble? We will put the list of such features below.


As you are going to use the device in the wild and, sometimes, even in extreme situations, you need it to be solid and durable to withstand the pressure. Commonly, the holders are made from thick plastic, nylon or can have woven construction. Make sure all the used materials meet the durability and strength requirements.

Easy access.

Before fixing the paddle holder in the place, you need to be sure, that you will be able to reach it easily to put or pull out the paddle effortlessly. You need to take to account construction of your kayak and which holders can be attached to it in the first place, which leads us to the next feature.

Simple Installment.

Let’s face it, no one wants to spend a lot of time solving the riddles on how to install the paddle holder, nor to use tons of extra equipment. We want assembling process to be neat and fast. Again, make sure that construction of your kayak is compatible with the holder you’ve picked.


Overall, kayak paddle holder is an extra helpful device to have on your kayak while fishing, having a kayak trip or just in case you need to free your hands.

Always take into account construction and qualities of your kayak while choosing the paddle holder.

What will you prefer: extra sturdiness or ease of assembling – depends only on your personal preferences and demands. Have a safe and pleasant trip!