Best Fishing Kayak in 2018: Fishing With Ease.

Kayak fishing gains more popularity and kayaks constructed directly for fishing have flooded the market.

Nowadays we have hundreds of various fishing kayaks that differ in size, form, construction and other features.

We’ve tried to find the best options for different occasions and tastes to create a list of the best products you can find and purchase.

Top 6 Best Fishing Kayaks

Brooklyn Kayak Company UH – Best For Tandem Passengers!

Photo of Brooklyn Kayak Company Have a friend or a family member, who is ready to travel or go fishing with you at any time? The great solution will be to search for the best tandem fishing kayak on the market.

Kayaks that can fit in 2 people usually are on high-demand and are convenient to use together.

Brooklyn Kayak Company UH Kayak is an innovative constructed kayak which you can use equally successful on lakes and in the sea.

It is sit-on-top fishing kayak, that can surely be used by single person, as well as a tandem kayak.

What will help you a lot in the wild when your mind will be concentrated on the fishing process is 7 fishing rod holders. By the way, 3 of them are adjustable.

You also will get an opportunity to free your hands from paddles and secure them in the paddle parks, which is extremely important when you need all your concentration and hands on the rod.

Of course, this boat is a bit too small for far away traveling, but it wasn’t the thing it was made for. And it still has plenty of storage space to put all the stuff from your pockets and fishing equipment you need to have on hand, like extra hooks, squid or other equipment.

As the kayak was meant to be a tandem, it has 4 carrying handles for both of passengers to carry it at the same time.

We must say, that though the kayak has 2 seats to come in set by default, they are not of the best quality.

You get paddles along with the kayak as well. The Brooklyn Kayak Company UH Kayak is versatile and affordable option for almost any kind of fishing, though will serve the best in lakes.


  • Stable
  • Perfect weight and balance
  • Adjustable and flush-mounted fishing rod holders
  • Paddle holders


  • Flimsy seats

FeelFree Moken 12.5 – Best River Fishing Kayak!

Out of all options we have on the market, the best river fishing kayak must be the FeelFree Moken 12.5 Kayak. One person kayak, it is created for calm fishing alone with joy and comfort.

You can stand or seat in the FeelFree Moken 12.5 Fishing Kayak safely, as it has perfect balance, sturdy and wide standing platform and comfortable seat.
Please, notice, that this one is made for freshwater fishing and can’t build up crazy speed or manage fast whitewater.

The kayak has 2 separate storages – one dry, with the cover, and bigger one in the cockpit. Moreover, the boat has a big open storage space behind the seat – it can be very comfortable for keeping your rods or other equipment. All stuff can be secured by elastic rope.

For further comfort you can add adjustable pedals, so your legs can rest during the long fishing process.

This one is considered to be a pro-equipment for pro-fishermans, so it is no surprise, that it has 4 adjustable rod holders.

If you need to carry or drag the kayak on land, you can do it with the help of 3 carrying handles – 1 in the front and 2 on the sides.

Last, but not least, we must talk about the King Fisher seat that comes with the kayak by default. It has wide and firm back which provides excellent support.


  • Great stability
  • Good capacity
  • Adjustable rod handlers
  • Big dry storage


  • Will loose stability in rough water

Sun Dolphin Aruba 10 Sit-in – Best Fishing Kayak For Beginners!

Photo of Sun Dolphin Aruba 10-Foot Sit-in Kayak When you only begin to learn to fish and want to try out different options, you definitely don’t want to spend a lot of cash on kayak. What you need, is to search for a good-quality but cheap fishing kayak to learn basics and receive understanding on what do you need from your fishing kayak.

Sun Dolphin came up with one of the best cheap fishing kayaks out there - Aruba 10. It is a small yet sturdy 10-feet sit-in kayak for one person.

The short length (only 10 feet) makes it extremely maneuverable which can come on handy on lakes and rivers. Basically, this is the surroundings the Sun Dolphin Aruba 10 was created for. It will be too small to handle the ocean waves.

Two handles in front and at the back built-in to carry the kayak, not to mention, that its weight allows one person to drag it with ease.

The kayak comes with paddles in set, but they are not very strong, so we advise you to spend some extra cash and purchase another pair of durable paddles.

The construction makes passenger to sit in the kayak, covering his bottom part. Rounded and solid, this construction is very stable.

Kayak has small but dry storage in the back side which is secured additionally with the elastic cord.

Great quality for the more than a reasonable price.

You can find price and more reviews on Amazon page.


  • Great price
  • Sturdy
  • Very manoeuverable


  • Very small capacity
  • Flimsy paddles

Sevylor Coleman Colorado 2-Person Fishing Kayak – Best Cheap Fishing Kayak!

Another way to find good affordable kayak is to pay attention to inflatable fishing kayaks. They have a lot of benefits, including lightweight and storing with ease.

Inflatable kayak for 2 passengers is equipped with everything you might need while fishing. For example, rod holders are placed in just right places and are adjustable for your convenience.

Moreover, the kayak has adjustable paddle holders to free your hands from paddles and concentrate fully on the rod or other equipment.

The back part is designed to adjust the Trolling Motor and make the boat go faster, if you want it to.

You might seriously consider adjusting the Trolling Motor as the kayak is slow and can be moved with the wind.

The best thing about the Sevylor Coleman Colorado 2-Person Fishing Kayak is its durability. Special multiple air chambers system allows it to stay on water even if you somehow get it punctured. And we must say, that it is not a simple thing to do due to extra thick material of the boat.

Please, notice, that the kayak comes without paddles and pump, so you need to order them additionally.

This kayak performs great in lakes and rivers for quite and hasteless fishing.

If you want to know more about this product, feel free to visit the Amazon page.


  • Extra durable
  • Has plenty of space for 2 people and cargo
  • Great capacity
  • Sturdy


  • Comes without paddles or pump
  • Slow

Intex Explorer K2 Kayak – Best For Your Pocket!

Photo of Intex Explorer K2 Kayak Cheap inflatable kayak might be the best for your pocket. All you need to is to make sure, that it won’t fall apart and make you spend cash again. Here we present to you best budget fishing kayak which combines low price and fine quality.

Compact and lightweight inflatable kayak is the best option for beginners or anyone, who likes to try out fishing without spending too much money.

Let’s be honest, this kayak looks like a simple kids inflatable boat, but there is so much more about it. First of all, despite the looks, it is durable and strong. Very thick vinyl material protects it from punctures and allows even to drag it on the land.

Secondly, it is pretty stable thanks to wide construction and ribbed bottom.

Of course, it was made for the small water ponds, lake and rivers with steady water. If you will try to use it in the open space large water bodies, it can lose its stability.

We must say, that the boat won’t work for people with the big frame. Seats are soft and also inflatable, which provides very small support.

The kayak comes with the pump which helps to inflate it very fast and almost effortless. A pair of paddles is also something that comes in set.

If you are interested to try this one out, you can find it here.


  • Stable
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to store
  • Very cheap


  • Doesn’t have rod or paddle holders
  • Limited space
  • Unsupportive seats

Wilderness Systems Tarpon 120 – Best Fishing Kayak Under 1000!

In case, if you have a bit more of cash on your bank account and want to get a really fine-quality kayak to use it a lot, you can turn your head towards Wilderness Systems Tarpon 120 Kayak.

Fully equipped for sit-on-top fishing, this is a beautiful kayak for a decent price.

This is a versatile kayak that can serve different purposes, including fishing and recreational activities.

It is fast and extremely maneuverable. Moreover, it is pretty stable and very durable – pretty much everything you need from a fishing kayak.

Although we must say, that it keeps its stability as long as you seat in it. If you are fond of standing while fishing, this might be not the best option for you.

With this kayak you can forget about the puddles of water inside your boat – great draining system prevents water from collecting.

Another great feature is an adjustable length for your legs – choose the comfortable position for yourself!

By the way, you can add a rudder system, which is available in stores, but it will, of course, increase the price of the kayak.

Great option for people, who like to perform different type of water activities and need a versatile type of equipment.

For more details on the item, click here.


  • Very fast
  • Great size
  • Large storage
  • Adjustable leg length
  • Versatile


  • Might need additional cash injections

Buyer’s Guide: How To Pick The Right One?

So, you’ve decided to get a fishing kayak. Of course, we all understand, that this can be a great investment. If you will start going fishing, you’ll luckily can get a fresh fish to your dinner table. And even if the fishing will remain as a time-to-time hobby, you could use fishing kayak for traveling or other recreational activities.

What do you need to pay attention to, while picking the fishing kayak?

Size of the kayak

You can find fishing kayaks with different lengths and width. The main thing to remember here, is that shorter kayaks have higher manoeuvrability and can do great in small ponds or lakes. Kayaks with bigger length are usually faster but heavier. As for the width, it can affect the stability on the water, as wider kayaks are sturdier.

Position in the kayak.

There is no way to say, that one design of the kayak is better than other. It comes only from your personal preferences and the way you perform fishing. Sitting? Standing? You can choose kayak which can handle both. Another question, which one to choose: sit-in or sit-on-top? Need to say, that many pro-fishers choose sit-on-top kayaks due to its bigger open cockpits and wider (means more stable) construction. Though, sit-in kayaks provide a bit more comfort, especially during cold time of the year.

Experience level.

As in any hobby or skill-involved activity, you can choose kayak aimed at different level of experience. Of course, it will affect price of the item. If you are a beginner and want to try out the process before spending a lot of cash on extra-quality equipment, you can find something cheaper, like small inflatable kayaks.


This is a very important feature for a fishing kayak to have, as you need to place somewhere rods and other equipment, not to mention the catch. It is always a plus for kayak to have at least one dry storage.

Durability and Stability.

Basic demand for any fishing kayak. It needs to be sturdy and strong. Read carefully instructions to check maximum capacity.

If you deal with the inflatable kayak, be sure it is made from extra thick material and have multiple air chambers to prevent deflating.


Before buying the fishing kayak, consider all your needs and preferences. The place, where you are going to fish and the equipment you will use. Which one do you need: faster or manoeuvrable? How will you get it to the water?

On the basis of all this factors, choose wisely and enjoy your fishing!